Today I published an article on my brother’s shareware website,, entitled “Creating Emotions With Music“. As the title suggests, it’s about how music enhances the atmosphere in games and makes players feel involved. It’s intended for shareware developers, but it’s still a good read for anyone else. Whilst you’re there, be sure to download one of the very enjoyable demos – I recommend Outpost Kaloki!

This also nicely brings me onto a little site news I didn’t want to post separately. I completely overhauled the Music page, separating my musical identities using some form of beam and placing them in two different ionic containment fields: Prosody and James Newton.

For the first time ever I’ve also typed up my lyrics, so you can finally work out I’m saying in the middle eight of Sky Lights. There’s a lot of instrumental music on the James Newton page, including samples from the soundtracks to “Tanner“, “Dad’s Army and Beyond“, “Shining Online” and “Diversification: The Future of Farming?“, and I’ll be updating it often.

Thanks also to everyone who’s submitted an article to the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. If you haven’t joined in yet you’ve still got plenty of time – as long as I receive your entry before Friday it’s up. Click here to submit your article and join in!

 I’m listening to The Love We Make, from Emancipation Disc 3 by Prince