I’ve played some weird games in my time, but this trumps them all, no doubt about it.

You play a seemingly twelve-year old girl named Rami (that’s her in the picture), who wears a bunny suit. She runs and jumps like most game characters. She flies a green dragon named Spot who breathes fire. Not too bad so far.

One level involves you flying through space shooting gearstick-tops with Kings’ heads on, koala bears clinging to trees and rocket-propelled postboxes. The boss is a robotic alien in a metal bowl of some description which steals cows and turns them into steaks, which it throws at you, saying “beef is on sale every Tuesday! Madam, how about beef stew for dinner?”.

The final boss encounter takes place in the insides of an ancient Japanese beast called Apocalypse, and is a translucent heart which spews Japanese words – karaoke, shogun, ninja and so forth.

I forgot about the sumo wrestler egg-thing, which spins around on a pencil until it vomits purple liquid.

There’s more, but they’re the weirdest bits, and the game’s all the better for them.

Top marks go to top bloke Damien McFerran of www.meanmachinesmag.co.uk for selling me the game. You beautiful man, you.

What’s the strangest game you’ve ever played? Did you like it? Should games be more weird?