I love Richard Jacques. I’ve said before that I think “Jack’s Theme” from Headhunter is probably the best piece of videogame music ever composed – and GameFAQs agree – and although he got a lot of stick for it at the time, I love his Sonic R soundtrack. In fact, on Tuesday I walked to the train station to pick up my brother whilst having a good sing-song to “Back in Time”. Love those harmonies, Richard!

Anyway, apart from telling you how cool Richard Jacques is, and how intelligent and melodically distinctive his work is, this entry is actually just to say that Phil and I are going to see him live in concert at the end of next month. Yes, this very cool-looking bloke will soon be providing some “ripping sounds” live in concert in Nottingham as part of their “GameCity 2006” dealy bob.

Richard Jacques is a legend, and getting to see him play Sega tunes live on the piano in a church gets me quite frothingly excited. As you can see, though, Richard is still totally cool about it all.

There are some excellent samples of his music available on his official website, Richard Jacques.com. If you’d like to hear Richard live, you can buy tickets online at SeeTickets.com, or find out more about “GameCity” at GameCity.org.

I’m listening to Jack’s Theme, from Headhunter by Richard Jacques