Yes, as if reading my thoughts wasn’t enough, now you can watch and listen to them too with my very own television show, suspiciously cleverly-titled “The James Newton show”. I don’t host it at the site because, at ten minutes long, it’d probably eat all my bandwidth; for that reason, it’s over at Google Videos.

It’s an extension of the site really, with me presenting entertaining clips and segments of all sorts. It’s a one-man variety show, with games, music, films and other stuff all sloshed together. It was great fun to do and I think it’s good fun to watch too. It’s also got the greatest theme tune ever.

You can watch the video by clicking right here

There’s also a great video up at YouTube; a trailer “Horses on a Boat”, a Lego film that Hannah, Phil and I made. It’s great and I think you should watch it!

There’s a second episode of The James Newton show to go up which is a lot more like this site, with me talking about the best games ever and why they’re so great. For now, just enjoy these two videos and keep coming back here for more entertainment from me, including the next in my Player P.O.V. series.