This next diary is a bit more complicated to pin together. I’ve grouped it all into one chapter, “Chapter Three: Happy Harvesting”, but judging by the dates given it seems to cover more than one year. Anyway, from what I can tell this is the 1st of Fall in the 1st year of this “chapter”, which makes it the third year for which I have a diary.

Here’s a quick update: James, Muffy and Boris are living happily in Forget-Me-Not Valley. Another two years or so have passed since the last chapter, and Boris certainly seems to have matured. James is still working hard on the farming side of things, but is Muffy satisfied with her life? Is James’s approach to Boris’s career guiding or stifling? Read on and make your own decisions!

1st Fall

Saw Hugh crying by the pond – offered him a flower and some fodder, but he wasn’t interested. Wally doesn’t seem to know what’s wrong with him, he just keeps talking about running.

This morning there was a wild hurricane. It was immense – sheets of rain and great rumblings, it was very scary. I thought of sticking with the animals but they seemed fine, so I walked around picking flowers until it finished after about six hours. It’s been raining ever since.

I planted 4 x Carrot A, 5 x Sweet Potato B and other stuff. Possibly Turnips. And Strawberries. I want to hybridise them at some point.

My new house.jpg

My new house.

2nd Fall

Going to be dry today, apparently.
Eliza’s going away – too many ducks, not enough chickens. Bye bye, Eliza.
6:30 – RAINING!
Lolly needs a wash.
It’s boring in the rain. I tried making crop circles in the grass, but it didn’t work.
TOMATOES ARE READY! 2 x Tomato A and 8 x Tomato B. Going to hybridise Tomato and Melon! Got a Tomato Seed, so restarted (omm).
Saving the melons to hybridise with Turnips, Carrots and Strawberries. Bought 15 Turnips, just to fill up my field.
Ella is only giving milk twice a day now, and it’s only A. I might sell her, even if we do go way back. I could use the room for a Star Cow ♀. I’d have to sell another animal too, maybe Lolly when she grows up.
Boris is much better behaved these days, especially at bedtimes. I’ll show him more animals tomorrow. I went for a run, bath then bed at 11.

3rd Fall

Woke up at 5am to birds chirping and no sign of rain. Hatman says sun for today!
No sign of my carrots sprouting yet. They’re A-grade and they better not fail. They have to be magnificent. I’m hoping to be farming all A or S-grade crops next year, so I’ll save Upseeds, buy fertiliser and get some fine crops.
Ou est Van? He set up about 1:10pm. Lots to sell today!
Got 2 x Turnip S and 2 x Turnip A! S went in the Seed Maker, A is going into my crop experiments, as well as B.

Hybrids! Watermelon + Turnip = Turnip 🙁

Turnip A + Tomato B = Trady B √

Hybridising seems to be rather luck-based. I’ve put my Turnips A & B in the Seed Maker so I can use one bag to plant and one to hybridise. I’m a genius, me.
About 3pm I saw something mysterious and blue running through my field! It might have been an alien… but it was Boris.

The Invisible Boris.jpg

Lolly grew up! Now I’m going to sell her. So heartless.

4th and 5th Fall

I sold Lolly – she was just taking up space. I think I’ll sell Bella’s baby and buy a Star Cow ♀. Yummy.
Spent a long time helping out Farmer Jim over at Parker Farm. He’s just starting out so I showed him the ropes, and he soon had his cow Wendy giving A-grade milk. He’ll go far.
Saw a lizard by the river! Carter told me he thinks Flora is strange as she spends all her time at the dig site (not true – I see her in town all the time.) He also asked me to smuggle in some food as he’s sick of her cooking. I don’t think he’s put 2 + 2 together yet…
No hybrids yet, but maybe tomorrow.
Attended the Harvest Festival in town, too. Not very exciting.

6th Fall

Time to hybridise! I’ve got four of each grade Turnip, four Tomato As, 4 Watermelon Ses and 6 Potato Bs.

Watermelon S + Turnip S = Raury B √

Tomato A + Turnip A = Trady B √

Potato B + Turnip B = Radita (Winter-Summer) √

That’s enough for one day. I can grow my Radita next season, fertilise them and re-seed them. I should get a good four or eight seeds. Not too much else going on today.

7th Fall.

Time flies! Again, a fairly unexciting day. I Harvested my Sweet Potatoes and another Turnip S – the S.P.s are going to Van, the Turnips on the Seed Maker. Next year I’ll have lots of S-grade crops, including Trady and Radita, as I bought a load of fertiliser. Next season is Upseed season too. Cool!
Ella’s stopped giving milk. I can’t get her pregnant yet because Bella is pregnant, but I’m thinking of selling her to get a Star Cow. I know she was my first cow, and she’s done my proud, but I think it’s time to move on. Maybe not for a while, as I wouldn’t be able to get the new one pregnant either. I could sell Ella and keep her space free until I can get a new cow, or buy now, sell later. I don’t know what to do. She needed a wash and I found her by the trough already. Clever girl!
She’s going. Selling normal cows is worthless, and no milk (it was only A) means she’s out. Better get Good Fodder now. I might sell Bruce and get a Star Cow ♂. Movin’ on up. I’ll have to take a picture before she goes.
Boris: Dwawing fun! I hope he doesn’t become an artist! I want a rancher son! It’s all he keeps saying! And then he wouldn’t go to bed!
Stupid artists. I’ll straighten him out tomorrow.

8th Fall.

Lovely IsabelWoke up at half five to find Takakura taking Ella away. I’ll miss her, and I never even got a photo of her. Bye bye Ella.
It’s a beautiful day today, and my strawberries are ready! Next season I’m not going to have many crops at this rate. I’ll have more S Strawberries and some B Potatoes to fertilise, but that’s about it. What to do..?
I’m selling Bruce and buying a Star Bull. Definitely moving up. I’ll beat that Farmer Boris from Tallula farm yet!
The new cow is here! Her name is Isabel.

Hybridised Upseed and Radita to get Radita S – should save the old fertiliser!
The field is so bare. I can’t wait to fill it up with more crops!

Fall 9th

The new cow should come today, and it’s bye bye Bruce.The butchest of butch bulls
Hatman forecasts rain today. Might plant some Carrots, but I might not. I’m fed up with Turnips.
The barn is so empty and quiet without Bruce and Ella.
Next season I’ll have 16 Strawberries, 5 Potatoes and a Radita. Busy! Might try the Turnips too, they don’t take a whole season.
The new bull is here! His name is Vince.

It’s snowing! It stopped raining for a few minute and now it’s snowing! Hugh seemed to like it, arms aloft.
Why did Rock buy Golden Wool? Is his hair a wig?

A woolly wig? You decide!

Planted 4 x Turnips, 4 x Strawberry S and 4 x Strawberry B, should get two yields from the last two, I hope. Shame it’s so dark!
Visited the Harvest Sprites. They’re weird and boring.

Fall 10th

Had a raw fish for breakfast at 5am.
I love the way the sun creeps down the hills and along the fields in the morning.
Typical! I let my animals outside and two minutes later it rains!
Muffy felt like music, so went to the river for two hours. Obviously.

Boris is definitely leaning towards artistic, so I took his c
olouring book. I don’t want him turning out like Farmer Boris from Tallula Farm’s son, Harry.

What an exciting season that must have been for all on Kent Farm! What will the hard Winter season hold for the family? Winter’s diary is coming soon!