As you’ll have realised if you’re reading this, has undergone a quite serious overhaul. Here’s the heart of what’s new:

  • My blog is now powered by WordPress instead of Pivot. Pivot was great for me and I really do recommend it, but with moving servers I wanted to give WordPress a go. I may even end up switching back, you never know.
  • New look for the site as a whole, mostly linked to the WordPress thing. Phil’s awesome design is gone and I’ll probably be designing the look of the site myself.
  • A more integrated hub for all things to do with me. Previously parts of me have been flung to the four Internet winds, but they’re now all here – music, writings, art, the lot.

I’ve now also got up lots more content that I’ve been promising for ages, particularly the fabled Harvest Moon diaries, and in the coming months I’ll also be adding more music, art, writing and longer articles on topics as diverse as motivation and the beauty of the turns-based battle system in RPGs.

If you haven’t visited before, welcome, and thanks for coming! You can find out who I am by looking in the “About” section at the top there, and from then on my site is your site. Have a look around, read some articles, leave a comment here or there telling me what you thought about it.

Note to everyone – the address of this site is now just I’ve dropped the /blog bit, so if you could just link to the main page that would be great.

I hope you come back soon!