I’m a big kid. I love the idea of pretend and make-believe and dreams. Every day I wish I were something else; most of the time it’s a stupid thing like a river or a tree or a duck, but there’s an underlying frustration that I cannot ever experience these things.

I won’t ever know what it’s like to fly on my own strength. I’ll never be able to sing and tweet my hours away on the wall like the blackbird that so frequently visits our garden.

Something seems unfair about this. I’m sure a real grown-up wouldn’t agree, that it’s just the way life is, but to my immature and frustrated brain I can’t seem to understand just why dreams don’t come true. There is so much more I would want to do if I could. As full of potential and talent as I’m sure I am, I can only ever truly experience the tiniest sliver of life.

Hannah says that if all wishes came true, we’d have nothing left to wish for. I don’t know how true that is, but if everyone could have what they wanted, they wouldn’t want anything else. Whether that’s a good thing or not isn’t for me to say really. I just find it annoying that I have dreams I can’t fulfill. Seems unfair.

I’d welcome your comments on this one.