Except it won’t be. Confused?

Animal Crossing: Wild World arrived today. This makes me very happy indeed.

I loved writing my Animal Crossing diaries for the Gamecube version, and I would hope to get the same enjoyment from writing them on the DS version when I get the chance – time is very tight at the moment, but I think I can take notes and write them up when I get some spare time. Of course, putting aside time to play a game like Animal Crossing and write a diary about it is quite ambitious, especially considering my workload, but I’m sure I can succeed.

I just need a name for my town and subsequent weblog now. I don’t want to go with Eville because I think it’s actually a pretty poor name for a town, but I’m stuck for ideas. Only eight letters rules out Sonictown, Tailsville and Knucklesopia; Nightopia is too long, none of the NiGHTS or Sonic levels would fit and I don’t really like the sound of Mobius. Some stupid ideas to jot down:

Granvill (shame about the missing E!)
York (obviously)
Doninton (slightly bastardised version of my home town)
Joyville (happier version of Eville!)
Mineral (I wanted Mineral Town!)

I know that most of them are plagiarised but I don’t really care. I am devoid of good ideas, but I think I’ll go with one of the SFIII ideas as I like them a lot.