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March 31st, 2011

Plus Members, Slice 25% Off Dungeon Hunter’s Price on 12th April

Get it for just $9.74

Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter Alliance is about to crawl into the PlayStation Store dungeon and cast a spell on PlayStation Move owners looking for a Diablo-style experience on the PS3.


My brand new copy of SSFIV3D just turned up. Did I mention it cost £14.90? It did. It was from Tesco. It was £14.90.

Xenoblade Chronicles Heading to Europe This Year

At long last!

Fans of Japanese RPGs have been gazing longingly at Xenoblade for a long time now, but those soppy eyes are about to cheer up as Nintendo of Europe announces the game will find release there under the name Xenoblade Chronicles.


Rare: We Have Only Used 10% of Kinect’s Power

What can the other 90% do?

Rare's Kinect Sports is the race leader on Kinect, but according to the company's incubation software director Nick Burton, it used less than 15% of Kinect's capabilities.


First Antipole Screenshots Flip DSiWare On its Head

Defying gravity

Saturnine Games just sent over the first screenshots of its upside-down platform puzzler Antipole for DSiWare, revealing a little more about the gravity-flipping title.


March 30th, 2011

Kinectimals Demo Let Loose on Xbox Live Next Week

Fun fur free

We'd all love the chance to make friends with big cats on a faraway tropical island but the inherent dangers, not to mention the mounting costs of insurance and travel, are too big to ignore. That's why it's with happy hearts we can share the good news that Microsoft is setting a free Kinectimals demo onto the Xbox Live Marketplace next week.


BurgerTime HD Takes 40 Mega Bites Out of WiiWare

A whopper to relish

Retro remakes and WiiWare go together like bleeps and bloops, like gloomy arcades and sticky floors, like burgers and relish. How appropriate then that MonkeyPaw Games and Frozen Codebase are bringing BurgerTime HD to Nintendo's download service this summer.


Jill and Wesker Show Their Moves in New Resi: Mercenaries Video

Into battle once more

If the rumours are true and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is indeed set for release on 17th June, it's looking like being a very good month for 3DS owners as the trailer below shows.


Try MAG with Full Game Trial for All on PlayStation Store

If you've held off from trying Zipper Interactive's 256-man shooter MAG, now's your chance to see why it lives up to its name of Massive Action Game with a 5.5GB demo available on the North American PlayStation Store.


A New Child of Eden Trailer to Take Your Breath Away

Synaesthesia unleashed

Ask most hardcore Xbox 360 owners which Kinect game they're most looking forward to and they'll likely say Ubisoft's Child of Eden, the successor to legendary Dreamcast shooter Rez. If you've missed all the hubbub about the game, the video below might convince you to start saving in anticipation of it's mid-June release.


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