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April 27th, 2010

Listening to Rondo from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and it's reminding me of a Little King pottering about his castle. Must finish LKS one day.

Encountered Rathian three times last night: she looks more awesome than ever, and that tail-whip backflip is deadly. Can't wait to hunt her!

Black Wii Could Hit North America in May

According to several "in the know"

It's been a long time since we first got our hands on a black Wii here at Nintendo Life's European office, but our dear North American cousins are still waiting for the chance to mucky these onyx beauties. According to a new rumour, the wait may soon be over.


RT @kotaku NSFW: Clive Sinclair Weds Former Lap Dancer - Strippers - Kotaku God bless Clive. Good for you, mate.

A $50,000 Cure for Virtual Boy Headaches

Play it on the TV with this handy accessory!

3D gaming is on the cusp of being cool again after some of the remarkable damage done to its reputation by Nintendo's less-than stellar Virtual Boy machine.


April 23rd, 2010

Just got confirmation I will be on Monster Hunter tonight. DM or email me for my code and we'll hunt some big beasties.

Review: System Flaw Recruit

Seriously flawed

Essentially a first-person Space Invaders, System Flaw Recruit uses the DSi’s external camera in a crude form of augmented reality. The bottom screen displays a radar showing enemies in your proximity, and the top screen lets you line up the targets with your reticule. When the alien craft get within a certain range they attack, with a damage indicator showing you which way to turn to return fire. If it sounds simplistic, that’s because it is.


RT @nintendolife Jett Rocket Trailer Melts Your Face with Graphical Afterburners - Nintendo Life: ..

Review: Jett Rocket Trailer Melts Your Face with Graphical Afterburners

Shinen boldly goes where WiiWare has never been

We know that some WiiWare games look good. Some might even look really good, but so far there hasn't been a game that looks quite as eye-popping as Shin'en Multimedia's Jett Rocket. Until now, that is.


April 22nd, 2010

Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Forecast is Cloudy with Chance of Co-Op

New trailer reveals Cosmic Guide, cutesy power-ups and Starship Mario

It might seem a long way off, but Super Mario Galaxy 2 is just one month away for lucky North American gamers, whilst European players can pick it up on June 11th. Nintendo has just released a new trailer and screenshots showing off the return of Rosalina, the introduction of Cloud Mario and the first sighting of Cosmic Guide, the celestial cousin to New Super Mario Bros. Wii’s Super Guide.


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