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December 20th, 2009

Mr Blobby is Christmas number one! Oh, wait...

December 19th, 2009

Check me out, @DamienMcferran and @retroGT! It may be cold in York, but SEGA love keeps me warm. Mmmm... 16-bit.

First Impressions: Dementium II

Clean pants recommended

Renegade Kid are responsible for some of the more innovative and undeniably horrific first-person experiences on DS, having already given us Dementium: The Ward as well as the excellent Moon. Dementium II was recently announced for release in 2010, hitting North America on February 16th and reaching Europe a few weeks later on March 5th.


Today's postman is wearing shorts in two inches of snow. Seems this is one postie I won't need to kill myself. Get him, pneumonia!

Monster Hunter 3 Made Just For You

Game built from the ground up for Western users

Capcom's latest behemoth-slaying epic still doesn't have a confirmed Western release date according to the latest Nintendo release schedule, giving us plenty of time to get excited about getting our hands on the series' first appearance on a Nintendo console.


Second Zelda Flipnote Pulls Into View


The middle part of Aardman's Spirit Tracks trilogy has just arrived on our desk(top) here at Nintendo Life, and naturally we wanted to share it with you.


December 17th, 2009

GameShastra to Support WiiWare

Two new titles on the way!

You may not have heard of them, but GameShastra are apparently India's largest games services company, and they've recently revealed a list of upcoming titles including two new releases for WiiWare. Here's the announcement in their own words:

India's largest games services company [I told you so! - Editor] has today revealed its forthcoming line-up for PSP Go, WiiWare, PC and Mac. Over the next few months, 12 new titles will be released across the various formats - to complement the two already published - as the company completes its move from independent developer to publisher.


My @RetroGT t-shirt just arrived. It's awesome - pictures after my official photographer wakes up. Cheers, @RetroGT and @nintendolife!

December 15th, 2009

Talk about "amazing scenes"! Woman gives birth whilst weightlifting, "didn't know she was pregnant".

Review: Hell’s Kitchen VS

Cooking games are ten-a-penny on DS, and it's all Cooking Mama's fault. See, if she hadn't started off getting youngsters interested in preparing food we never would have wound up here, reviewing Hell's Kitchen VS on DSiWare, and for that Ms Mama can never be forgiven.


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