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August 21st, 2006
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First day’s progress

Well I didn’t quite manage 1,000 words of the book but I did around 500 of actual prose, and another 500 of notes, ideas, characterisation and so on. Unfortunately that’s not really a lot when you think about it – Hannah mentioned that NaNoWriMo books have to be 50,000 words long to qualify, so I am 1% of the way there. Small steps, I suppose.

More to come every day, including some possible extracts if they’re good enough!

Note – normal blogging service will continue whilst I write the book, don’t worry!

August 20th, 2006
Blog Entry

Writing a novel can harm your health

Honestly, who thought writing a book could be so hard? All you do is sit down at a computer and write the thoughts in your head. I suspect most people on the Internet do that anyway via email and instant messengers, so why should it make such a big difference when the program is Word instead of Messenger?

Part of the reason I started this site was because I wanted to begin writing my novel and posting sections of it up here. So far I think I’m about fifty words into it.

Most of the problem is not having a story, or so I tell myself, but I’m sure I must have a story worth telling in me somewhere.My novel so far

I love writing and I don’t publish half as much as I should do. One of my aims for the near future – maybe the next year or so – is to collect these articles from the site and publish them in a book. Of course, that leaves me with lots of content yet to write, but let’s face it – both of us know that my best is yet to come.

Part of the book will be my novel, however far I get with it. I’m going to set myself a target of 1,000 words a day, starting tomorrow. I’ll post tomorrow night letting you know how I get on with it. Wish me luck.

I am listening to Passing The Hours by Tunde

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